We can quickly deliver a maintenance free, non-slip leveled floor without the worry of the mess of concretedust or disappointment of the final outcome.


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Perhaps you have removed your old carpets or other flooring material and have a concrete slab that it is unleveled, unrefined and in need of grinding or polishing.


Plain concrete can be cold, rough, dusty and have an overall look of an unfinished dark dungeon.

However, refinished concrete floors through the process of grinding, polishing and sealing offers durability and longevity that other flooring solutions cannot. The maintenance of polished concrete floors is lower than any other flooring. The downside of Polish Concrete is that as a specialized craft performed on site, it is crucial to hire a knowledgeable contractor that will not “literally” butcher your floors. It is not enough for a contractor to show you pictures of other polish jobs and collect a deposit.


The contractor you hire must be capable of performing a sample on a small scale of your floors so you know the exact final look prior to any financial commitment.

This will also provide assurance that the contractor possesses the necessary equipment and skill set to perform the job. This is why I have made it standard practice at Concrete Design and Repair (CDR) to offer a mock-up on every polished concrete job. This ensures that your risk is minimized and you get the concrete finish you desire prior to any commitment since each concrete slab is unique. A mock-up is done as standard practice in every commercial and industrial concrete job. But due to its cost, no contractor will offer it up front if you don’t bring it up, and even then, they will tap dance to provide all sort of excuses as to why they don’t do it.


My mission at CDR is to increase the quality of concrete polished floors and even if it is at cost, I offer a mock-up as standard practice for property owners such as yourself.

Once you hire CDR to polish your concrete floors, we will perform our ECO-POLISH™ method which is our developed trademark system that consists of specialized tooling and in-house products which offer an extremely durable, waterproof, slip resistant floors with minimal maintenance. Our unique DUST-BUSTER™ method is a dust management plan which keeps your family safe, and the house clean!
  • No longer will you have to deal with ugly concrete which decreases your home value.
  • No longer will you have to deal with the pain of explaining your vision to 6 different contractors who may look at you like dear to headlights.
  • No longer will you risk getting the sense of embarrassment from hiring the wrong contractor


At CDR we believe that no property owner should pay thousands of dollars to a contractor that is incapable of restoring and beautifying your concrete floors with nothing but a quality job, at a fair price and in a timely manner.

Every homeowner deserves polished concrete floors that matches their unique vision, improves home aesthetics and a process that helps avoid the pain of dealing with the wrong contractor. It is our agreement with every property owner to demonstrate how polished concrete will improve and beautify their space with zero commitment if they decide to go with another option or contractor.


Perfect… The floors look Exactly Like I wanted. Kristjansson Sigurjon Alpharetta, GA, 30009
Could not hope for any better Jonathan Basham Acworth, GA


Our Secrete to providing consistent high quality polished concrete has been our ECO-POLISH™ System. If any questions call us so I can go over our system or click on the image to download.
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