When it comes to designing any type of medical facilities flooring or medical care facility, comfort and safety is obviously the number one priority. With this in mind, one might think that hospitals, and other large healthcare facilities, should have wall-to-wall plush and cushiony carpeting.

Why, then, do you see so many of these buildings choosing to install epoxy flooring?


The short answer is that this is the safer option. The long answer is that epoxy coatings provide many different benefits to the healthcare industry, including:

Fewer Trip Hazards

According to Nursing Times, slips, trips, and falls are among the most popular causes for safety accidents in hospitals. While they may be more vulnerable, patients are not the only ones susceptible to these falls. Doctors and nurses carrying supplies, pushing gurneys, and rushing from one patient to another find themselves admitted with a fall-related injury if the floor is uneven, or a loose tile grabs an edge or their shoe.


Epoxy flooring provides a solution to this problem. It creates a smooth and seamless floor that does not have any joints, unevenness, or potential to develop cracks or crevices.

It Looks Great

While safety and sanitation are vital in the world of healthcare, you also want the patients to be surrounded by a welcoming and attractive environment. Fortunately, when installing epoxy floor systems, the design possibilities are practically endless. If a hospital or nursing facility has a particular color and design scheme in mind, there are high performance epoxy coating products that can complement this.

Easy to Clean

The seamlessness of an epoxy floor also means that there are not openings where dirt, bacteria, or chemicals can become trapped. Protective topcoats make the flooring systems resistant to moisture, which makes cleanup even easier.


This ease of maintenance is important for healthcare facilities for multiple reasons. Obviously, the healthcare providers want to keep the building as clean and sanitary as possible. Epoxy flooring is also beneficial, however, as dirt can be cleaned away very quickly and easily, meaning that the labor can be concentrated more heavily on patient care than on maintenance.

Cost Efficient and Easy to Install

In addition to reducing maintenance responsibilities, epoxy flooring can save healthcare resources in other ways, as well. First of all, it is a cost efficient, high performance flooring option that will perform for many years to come. It can also be installed very quickly, allowing the facility to be up and running soon.


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