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Are you looking for concrete repairing and resurfacing options?

Perhaps you have removed old flooring indoors and will like to consider turning that ugly concrete slab as the final floor finish.

Perhaps the concrete at your pool deck, patio or garagecracked, unleveled, and discolored.

In urgent need of a good pressure wash, grind, fill in cracks and resurfaced with a beautiful nonskid\slip final concrete finish that both restores and increases the value of your property with enhanced aesthetics.

The Concrete Problem?

Plain concrete deteriorates over time and can look dull, rough, dusty, unsafe and have an overall look of a poor maintained property.

However, refinished concrete surfaces through the process of pressure washing, grinding, crack repair, coating and sealing offers durability and longevity that replacing the concrete cannot.

In addition, to saving (on average) 50% of the cost of replacing, the maintenance of decorative concrete is much less than regular concrete.

The downside of decorative concrete is that as a specialized craft performed on site, it is crucial to hire a knowledgeable contractor.

A specialty contractor that will be responsive, professional, fairly priced, and shows genuine enthusiasm in your project.

A general contractor, handyman or painter will only offer a poor experience filled of disappointment and will not help achieve the goal of making your concrete surface look new again!

It is not enough for a contractor to shows you pictures of other decorative concrete jobs and collects a deposit. The hard truth of today’s world is that it’s hard finding a contractor with integrity anymore.

A Better Way

The contractor you hire must be specialized in the trade of decorative concrete and capable of performing a sample on a small scale of your surface so you know the exact final look prior to any financial commitment.

This will also provide assurance that the contractor possesses the necessary equipment and skill set to perform your job.

This is why I have made it standard practice at Concrete Design and Repair (CDR) to offer a mock-up on every decorative concrete job.

This ensures that your risk is minimized and you get the concrete finish you desire prior to any financial commitment since each concrete slab is unique.

A mock-up is done as standard practice in every commercial and industrial concrete job.

But due to its cost, no contractor will offer it up front if you don’t bring it up, and even then, they will tap dance to provide all sort of excuses as to why they don’t do it.

Your Concrete Guru

My mission at CDR is to increase the quality in the decorative concrete industry and even if it is at cost, I want to provide a mock-up as standard practice for property owners such as yourself.

Once you hire CDR for your decorative concrete needs, we will answer all your questions and keep in contact from beginning to end via email, text and phone calls.

With over 7 years of experience in the decorative concrete industry, we have developed our own product label after working directly with manufactures to offer nothing but the best quality.

This translates to cost savings as we do best at cutting out the middle man and pass those savings to you…

Our unique DUST-Buster™ method is a dust management plan which keeps the family safe, and the house clean!


  • No longer will you have to deal with ugly concrete which decreases your home value.
  • No longer will you have to deal with the pain of explaining your vision to 6 different contractors who may look at you like dear to headlights.
  • No longer will you risk getting the sense of embarrassment from hiring the wrong contractor.

Our Promise

At CDR we believe that no property owner should pay thousands of dollars to a contractor that is incapable of restoring and beautifying your concrete surfaces with nothing but a quality job at a fair price and in a timely manner.

Every homeowner deserves access to quality decorative concrete work which match you vision and would both improve the home aesthetics and avoid the pain of dealing with the wrong contractor.

It is our agreement with every property owner to demonstrate how decorative concrete will improve and restore your concrete surface with zero commitment if they decide to go with another option or contractor.

Our Process

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Just Budgeting Right Now?

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Other Services


There are several factors to consider when searching for the right material for your warehouse floors.


Automotive facilities or local repair shop don’t need to have plain ugly gray concrete as its flooring option.

Medical Facilities

Comfort and safety is obviously the number one priority.

Food Service

Floors play a surprisingly large role within the food service industry.

Educational Facilities

Resinous concrete floors are an ideal flooring for most school areas.

Polish Concrete

Refinished concrete floors through the process of grinding, polishing and sealing offers durability and longevity that other flooring solutions cannot.


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