There are several factors to consider when searching for the right material for your warehouse floors. Concrete is the most traditional material used for warehouse floors, and it is easy to understands. While options like VCT or polished concrete flooring are more common in warehouses today than they were before, coated concrete still provides the best combination of benefits including durability, easy maintenance, spill resistance and cost.

Durability and Sustainability

Think of some of the oldest buildings in existence today, like the Roman Coliseum. Many of them were constructed using concrete. Therefore, it is easy to see that concrete is among the most durable materials available today for warehouse floors. If buildings from the Roman Empire can last for more than 1,500 years, your warehouse floors will last for generations.


You will use all sorts of heavy machinery in your warehouse, most notably equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks and rolling carts. These machines can cause a lot of damage to a floor if it is not the right material. If your concrete warehouse floors are properly coated and sealed, they will certainly stand the test of time with little wear and tear.

Coated concrete warehouse floors are also sustainable. Thanks to the many environmental benefits that come with using concrete, it is a preferred material for green businesses and those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Surface Repair and Protection

While concrete buildings and floors have lasted hundreds of years with little or no protection, there has been a lot of improvement in the industry when it comes to surface repair and protection. Floors take a beating from foot traffic and equipment, particularly in a warehouse. For that reason, it is important to apply only industrial high-wear protective floor coatings to your concrete warehouse floors.


Protective floor coatings further enhance the durability of concrete. Depending on the conditions your specific floors surface, such as exposure to chemicals, the impact and abrasive nature of warehouse equipment and thermal shock, all of these will determine the right coating for you.


Coated concrete warehouse floors also provide safety benefits. It is very easy to address spills on a coated floor and spills can be cleaned quickly to reduce slipping. Also, safety may be included as part of your coatings finish, such as precautionary protective paint lines or textured grip additive for a physical rough feel and texture. These measures will allow workers and equipment to travel safely and help prevent accidents.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most recognizable benefits for installing coatings on warehouse floor is the easy care and maintenance needed to keep them looking great. To clean, simply mop your floors with soap and water and you can also choose to wax two or three times per year to keep them gleaming new. High traffic areas may need additional attention, but compared to many other materials, maintenance for concrete warehouse floors is a snap. Even if your concrete develops small cracks or breaks, it is an easy process to repair them and a fresh coating will blend them right in.


Concrete has stood the test of time, and thanks to advances in technology, it continues to be the best material for warehouse floors available today.


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